SCCM Module for PowerShell

In a post a few days ago I mentioned “some slightly modified functions from Michael Niehaus“.

Well… Why not share them.

Save this as a module, load it and play around.

2010-03-26 – Moved to

Some examples on what you can do:

# List all available SCCM commands

# Create an SCCM-Connection to the local server
$sccm = Connect-SCCMServer -Verbose

# Create a new collection with a collection rule
$newCollection = New-SCCMCollection -SccmServer $sccm -name "Some Collection Name" -Verbose
Add-SCCMCollectionRule -Server $sccm -collectionID $newRoot.CollectionId -queryExpression "SELECT * FROM SMS_R_System" -queryRuleName "All Systems" -Verbose

# Count files in the inboxes
$sccm | Get-SCCMInboxes

# Get a package
$MyPackage = Get-SCCMPackage -server $sccm -filter "Name = 'Some Package Name'" 

If you have some comments, ideas and things to add… Comment this post or shoot me an email.

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