About snowland.se

Q: snowland ?
A: “A few years ago” I had a BBS named snowland… so when the idea of starting a blog for some of the products I work with the name snowland popped up.

Q: Whats will you blogg?
A: Microsoft System Center… and some more… Since I work (almost) fulltime with Microsoft Operations Manager and Configuration Manager. But with my history in SQL Server, Citrix and some scripting… you might see some articles around those areas.

Q: Any RSS-feed?
A: http://feeds.feedburner.com/snowland

Q: How do I get my avatar in the comments?
A: Register you (and your image) at http://www.gravatar.com/ and it will show if you use the same mailaddress.

About me, Rikard Rönnkvist

Works at: SSAB
Works as: IT Infrastructure Architect, Enterprise Infrastructure
Works with: Primarly the System Center-products.
Mail: rikard@ronnkvist.nu
Twitter: twitter.com/riro/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/riron

The original logo. Converted from ascii to jpeg.

The orginal ascii-logo

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  1. riro

    Ehm… om man gör om temat lite så hamnar bilden till vänster. Så fundera inte ens på att klaga över det 😉

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