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Bulk import of SNMP devices to OpsMgr

If you want to import a larger bunch of SNMP-devices in to OpsMgr you will probably go thru the disovery wizard way to many times.

Instead of walking thru that wizard every time I asked the network team to write a CSV-file with all the devices and then used this function to import them.

Function Add-SnmpDevice {
		[Parameter(Mandatory=$true )][string] $FromIpAddress,
		[Parameter(Mandatory=$true )][string] $MonitoringProxy,
		[string] $ManagementServer,
		[string] $ToIpAddress = "",
		[string] $SnmpCommunityString = "public",
		[int32] $SnmpVersion = 2

	# Single ip ?
	If ($ToIpAddress.Length -eq 0) {
		$ToIpAddress = $FromIpAddress
	# Check SNMP version
	if ($SnmpVersion -ne 1 -and $SnmpVersion -ne 2) {
		Throw "Only SNMP version 1 and 2 supported"

	Write-Host "Setting up discovery for SNMP-devices..."
	Write-Host "       From: $($FromIpAddress)"
	Write-Host "         To: $($ToIpAddress)"
	Write-Host "  Community: $($SnmpCommunityString)"
	Write-Host "   SNMP ver: $($SnmpVersion)"

	$networkDeviceClass = Get-MonitoringClass -name "System.NetworkDevice"
	$DeviceDiscoveryConfig = New-DeviceDiscoveryConfiguration -MonitoringClass $networkDeviceClass -FromIpAddress $FromIpAddress -ToIpAddress $ToIpAddress

	# Set Community String
	$encoding = New-Object System.Text.UnicodeEncoding
	$encodedCommunityString = $encoding.GetBytes($SnmpCommunityString)
	$DeviceDiscoveryConfig.ReadOnlyCommunity = [System.Convert]::ToBase64String($encodedCommunityString)

	# Set SNMP version
	$DeviceDiscoveryConfig.SnmpVersion = $SnmpVersion

	# Get management server
	If ($ManagementServer.Length -eq 0) {
		$mgmtServer = Get-RootManagementServer
	} else {
		$mgmtServer = Get-ManagementServer | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $ManagementServer}
	If ($mgmtServer -eq $null) {
		Throw "Cant find management server named $($ManagementServer)"
	} else {
		Write-Host "Found management server: $($mgmtServer.name)"

	# Find proxy agent
	Write-Host "Lookup of proxy agent named $($MonitoringProxy) ..."
	$ProxyAgent = Get-Agent | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $MonitoringProxy}
	If ($ProxyAgent -eq $null) {
		Write-Host "No agent named $($MonitoringProxy) found, checking managementservers"
		$ProxyAgent = Get-ManagementServer | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $MonitoringProxy}
		$ProxyIsMgmtServer = $true
	} else {
		$ProxyIsMgmtServer = $false

	If ($ProxyAgent -eq $null) {
		Throw "Can't find agent or managementserver named $($MonitoringProxy)"
	} else {
		Write-Host "Found $($ProxyAgent.Name)"

	Write-Host "Starting discovery..."
	$DiscResults = Start-Discovery -ManagementServer: $mgmtServer -DeviceDiscoveryConfiguration: $DeviceDiscoveryConfig

	If ($DiscResults.CustomMonitoringObjects.Count -eq 0) {
		Write-Host "Cant discover any objects"
		Return 0
	} else {
		$ObjectCount = 0
		Write-Host "Found objects"
		$discresults | select-object -expandproperty CustomMonitoringObjects | Select-Object Name | Format-Table -HideTableHeaders

		$DiscResults | ForEach-Object {
			Write-Host "Adding object to proxy..."
			if ($ProxyIsMgmtServer -eq $true) {
				$ProxyAgent.InsertRemotelyManagedDevices($_.CustomMonitoringObjects) | Format-Table SnmpDevice, ProxyAgentPrincipalName, ManagementGroup -HideTableHeaders
			} else {
				Add-RemotelyManagedDevice -proxyagent $ProxyAgent -device $_.CustomMonitoringObjects
		Return $ObjectCount

And two examples on how you can use it to add some devices:

# Add a devices in the range with the community "SomeSecret"
# Use mgmtserver.snowland.demo to do the discovery and add the devices with snmpmonitor.snowland.demo as monitoring proxy
Add-SnmpDevice -FromIpAddress "" -ToIpAddress "" -SnmpCommunityString "SomeSecret" -ManagementServer "mgmtserver.snowland.demo" -MonitoringProxy "snmpmonitor.snowland.demo"

# Add a single SNMPv1 device with the "public" community, use the RMS to do discovery
Add-SnmpDevice -FromIpAddress "" -MonitoringProxy "snmpmonitor.snowland.demo" -SnmpVersion 1

So we ended up with something like this:

Import-Csv ".\snmplist.csv" -Delimiter ";" | ForEach-Object {
	Add-SnmpDevice -FromIpAddress $_.IpFrom -ToIpAddress $_.IpTo -SnmpCommunityString $_.Community -ManagementServer $_.MgmtServer -MonitoringProxy $_.Proxy