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Keep a list of user/computer groups in registry

In the migration to ConfigMgr 2012 we are aiming at just keeping one collection for software distribution and instead rely on global conditions.
We do want to keep the option to add a user to a group and with that do a automagic distribution.

So, the examples below are snippets from the logonscript.

Here is the short version:
– Recursive search for group membership for user
– If group-list changed, update the reg key
(Then do the same for computer groups)
– If there are any changes to groups, trigger the ConfigMgr agent

– Create a global condition in ConfigMgr
– Use the condition like “If MyGlobalCondition contains SwDistGroupName”

$userDN = "CN=MyUser,OU=Users,DC=snowland,DC=se"
$computerDN = "CN=CyComputer,OU=Computers,DC=snowland,DC=se"

Function Get-DistGroups {
		$nameFilter = "SwDist_*"

	$distGroups = @()
	$AdSearch.findAll() | ForEach-Object {
		Write-Verbose "Found group: $($_.Properties.Item('Name'))"
		$distGroups += $_.Properties.Item("Name")

	Return $distGroups

# Standard setting
$runConfigMgrActions = $false

# Store DIST groups in registry
Write-Host "Reading User DIST groups"
$userDistGroups = Get-DistGroups -ObjectDN $userDN | Sort-Object
$CurrKeys = Read-RegKey -Key "HKCU:\Software\SSAB\SoftwareDistribution" -Name "UserGroups" | Sort-Object
If ((Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $CurrKeys -DifferenceObject $userDistGroups) -ne $null) {
	Write-Host "Found added/removed user groups, writing new list to registry"
	New-ItemProperty "HKCU:\Software\snowland\SoftwareDistribution" -Name "UserGroups" -Value $userDistGroups -PropertyType "MultiString" -Force | Out-Null

	$runConfigMgrActions = $true
} else {
	Write-Verbose "No changes in user groups"

Write-Host "Reading computer groups"
$computerDistGroups = Get-DistGroups -ObjectDN $computerDN | Sort-Object
$CurrKeys = Read-RegKey -Key "HKLM:\Software\SSAB\SoftwareDistribution" -Name "ComputerGroups" | Sort-Object

If ((Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $CurrKeys -DifferenceObject $computerDistGroups) -ne $null) {
	Write-Host "Found added/removed computer groups, writing new list to registry"
	New-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\snowland\SoftwareDistribution" -Name "ComputerGroups" -Value $computerDistGroups -PropertyType "MultiString" -Force | Out-Null
	$runConfigMgrActions = $true
} else {
	Write-Verbose "No changes in computer groups"

# Trigger ConfigMgr client actions if groups have changed
If ($runConfigMgrActions -eq $true) {
	Write-Verbose "Changes to DIST groups, running ConfigMgr Actions"
	(New-Object -ComObject CPApplet.cpAppletMgr).GetClientActions() | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "Application Global Evaluation Task*" -or $_.Name -like "Request & Evaluate*"} | Sort-Object Name | ForEach-Object {
		Write-Host "Starting ConfigMgr action: $($_.Name)"

(To do this you need to set a security GPO to the HKLM-key so that your users are allowed to write there.)

System Center Virtual User Group

Another user group is in the making… I hope that this site will have a higher level of discussion than the normal “I havn’t read the manual or use Google can you please help me”-kind-of-user groups…

Welcome to the System Center Virtual User Group, a user group dedicated to providing resources for education and collaboration between users of Microsoft System Center technologies everywhere!

This group is intended to function not only as a traditional user group holding periodic meetings (via Live Meeting in our case), but as a forum where users can come together to find resources in establishing their own traditional “physical” user groups.

More info at: systemcenterusergroup.com
My profile: systemcenterusergroup.com/members/riro.aspx

System Center Virtual User Group

Data Protection Manager 2007 – Eval Software

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 is the new standard for Windows® backup and recovery — delivering continuous data protection for Microsoft® application and file servers using seamlessly integrated disk and tape media. DPM enables rapid and reliable recovery through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes.

Data Protection Manager 2007 – Evaluation Software

A list of features:

  • Blending continuous data protection with traditional tape backup
  • Protection for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and even 2008-previews
  • Protection for Exchange Server 2003 and 2007
  • Protection for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 & WSS 3.0
  • Protection for Virtualized Environments hosted on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
  • Protection for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 files and shares
  • Protection for Windows XP Professional (sp2) and Windows Vista Business edition or better
  • System State protection
  • Media Encryption for DPM tapes
  • Enterprise deployment of DPM agents
  • Command-line control through Windows PowerShell
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System Center – Atea Vågen

Sitter och förbereder demo och prat inför Atea’s seminarietour “Vågen”.

Är du intresserad av System Center-produkterna, och då främst Operations Manager 2007 så kan jag rekommendera att besöka någon av orterna:

Lite annat smått och gott som går samtidigt, men för OpsMgr är det dessa orter som gäller…

Agenda & anmälan: http://www.atea.se/vagen