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Get ConfigMgr Collection rules

I’m in the process of installing Forefront Endpoint Protection and wanted to look at some of the collection queries that was created… but with the ConfigMgr console you cant view them…

So Powershell it is.

Did a function that you can use on any collection (with subcollections) to view the WQL.

Import-Module SCCM\SCCM-Functions -Force
Function Get-CollectionRules {

	$subCollections = Get-SCCMSubCollections -SccmServer $sccm -CollectionID $parentCollection
	if ($subCollections -ne $null) {
		$subCollections | ForEach-Object {
			$collection = Get-SCCMCollection -Filter "CollectionID='$($_.subCollectionID)'" -SccmServer $sccm
			Write-Host "$($spacer) Name: " -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline
			Write-Host "$($collection.CollectionID) - $($collection.Name)"

			$collectionRule = (Get-SCCMCollectionRules -SccmServer ( Connect-SCCMServer ) -CollectionID $collection.CollectionID)
			if ($collectionRule -ne $null) {
				Write-Host "$($spacer)Limit: " -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline
				if ($collectionRule.LimitToCollectionID.Length -gt 0) {
					Write-Host "$($collectionRule.LimitToCollectionID)" -ForegroundColor White
				} else {
					Write-Host "<No limit to collection>" -ForegroundColor Gray

				Write-Host "$($spacer)  WQL: " -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline
				Write-Host "$($collectionRule.QueryExpression)"
			} else {
				Write-Host "$($spacer)<no rule present on collection>" -ForegroundColor Gray
			Write-Host ""

			Get-CollectionRules -parentCollection $_.subCollectionID -spacer "   $($spacer)" -sccm $sccm

Get-CollectionRules -parentCollection "XYZ00123" -spacer "" -sccm (Connect-SCCMServer)

A small warning: It will loop all of the subcollections, and the subcollections subcollections, and so on…