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PoSH: Send-Prowl

So I’ve been playing around with Prowl on my iPhone and since the Prowl API is really simple to use why now try some Powershell 🙂

Here is a function that i wrote:

Function Send-Prowl {
		[string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$True) ][ValidateLength(1, 1024)]  $Event,
		[string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)][ValidateLength(0, 10000)] $Description = "",
		[string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)][ValidateLength(1, 256)]   $ApplicationName = "PoSH: Send-Prowl",
		[int]    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)][ValidateRange(-2, 2)]     $Priority = 0,
		[string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)][ValidateLength(0, 512)]   $url,
		[string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$True) ][ValidateScript({ $_.Length -ge 40})] $apiKey

	# URL-encode some strings
	[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Web") | Out-Null
	$Event = [web.httputility]::urlencode($Event.Trim())
	$Description = [web.httputility]::urlencode($Description.Trim())
	$ApplicationName = [web.httputility]::urlencode($ApplicationName.Trim())
	$url = [web.httputility]::urlencode($url.Trim())

	# Compose the complete URL
    $apiBaseUrl = "https://prowl.weks.net/publicapi/add"
	$ProwlUrl = "$($apiBaseUrl)?apikey=$($apiKey)&application=$($ApplicationName)&event=$($Event)&Description=$($Description)&priority=$($Priority)&url=$($url)"	
	Write-Verbose "Complete URL: $($ProwlUrl)"

	# Try to send message
    TRY {
	   $webReturn = ([String] (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString($ProwlUrl))
    CATCH {
        Write-Verbose "Error sending Prowl Message: $($error[0])"
        Return $false

    # Output what comes back from the API
	Write-Verbose $webReturn

    If ( ($webReturn).prowl.success.code -eq 200 ) {
        Write-Verbose "Prowl message sent OK"
        Return $true
    } else {        
        Write-Verbose "Error sending Prowl Message: $(($webReturn).prowl.error.code) - $(($webReturn).prowl.error.innerXml)"
        Return $false

Just download the Prowl APP (from iTunes Store), register an API-key and you are good to go.

Some examples:

Send-Prowl -apiKey "1234567890123456789012345678901234567890" -Event "Sent from Powershell"
Send-Prowl -apiKey "1234567890123456789012345678901234567890" -Event "Server room on fire!!!" -Priority 2 -Description "Call 112 and get you ass here with an fire extinguisher" -url "tel:112"
Send-Prowl -apiKey "1234567890123456789012345678901234567890" -Event "New Alert" -Priority 1 -Description "Some info..." -url "https://opsmgr.company.com/"

Yes, I knwo that there are other ways to do it… but most of them requires that you load a DLL or use an external EXE-file.

Anyway kudos to Janssen Jones article that inspired me…

WP Plugin: Akismet Image

Fick lite tid över… och råkade surfa förbi Akismet.com.

Fixade en ganska lattjo “bild”, läser info om hur många spam som akismet har fångat på sidan den är och visar det sedan som en PNG-bild.

Gjorde det självklart som en wordpress-plugin (http://www.snowland.se/plugins/)

Den bör synas in action nere till höger på den här sidan… Endast ~30 spam änn så länge… men när väl spam-bottarna hittar sidan så går det undan.