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SCOM Alerts Severity and Priority

I don’t know why, but this information is hard to find in the docs.

Anyway, the severity and priority for alerts is mapped like this (works the same way in SCE):


  • Critical = 2
  • Warning = 1
  • Information = 0


  • High = 2
  • Medium = 1
  • Low = 0

SCE & Jalasoft

Heard some rumors a few months ago that Jalasoft was testing their product against System Center Essentials…

And now “Jalasoft Readies Xian Network Manager Io for System Center Essentials” as they say.

Jalasoft Inc., a provider of advanced systems management solutions, is readying a beta version of Xian Network Manager Io for System Center Essentials. Xian Io for SCE extends the features and functionality of System Center Essentials to network devices, Linux and Solaris servers and non-Microsoft applications like VMware VirtualCenter, MySQL and monitors availability of any non-Microsoft ICMP enabled application.

More info at

(Got the screenshot from a contact at Jalasoft…)

SCE and Virtual Servers

Over at I found a post stating that SCE2007 licensing will count a Virtual Server as a Server.

I wanted to clarify an issue related to SCE 2007 licensing. Unlike Operations Manager 2007, agent-managed virtual servers in Essentials 2007 actualy DO count against the 30 server total. This is because SCE actually considers OS instances, rather than devices as in MOM 2005 and Ops Mgr 2007.


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