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Jalasoft XianIO

Jalasoft and Oracle

Nice… loads of companies running Oracle and SCOM…

A management pack for Oracle databases is being readied by Jalasoft for System Center Operations Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials. More information and details will shortly be made available by Jalasoft. If someone needs information now, he may contact Jalasoft Sales

Got the info from Bernardo Sanchez Blog

Xian Io SP1 available

According to Bernardo Sanchez there is a new (first) SP out for XianIO…

The stability of the Xian Io product has been improved, several enhancements have been made and the following management packs are now in a RTM state.
– VMware VirtualCenter

Bernardo Sanchez Blog

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SCE & Jalasoft

Heard some rumors a few months ago that Jalasoft was testing their product against System Center Essentials…

And now “Jalasoft Readies Xian Network Manager Io for System Center Essentials” as they say.

Jalasoft Inc., a provider of advanced systems management solutions, is readying a beta version of Xian Network Manager Io for System Center Essentials. Xian Io for SCE extends the features and functionality of System Center Essentials to network devices, Linux and Solaris servers and non-Microsoft applications like VMware VirtualCenter, MySQL and monitors availability of any non-Microsoft ICMP enabled application.

More info at

(Got the screenshot from a contact at Jalasoft…)


Xian Network Manager Io extends Operations Manager 2007 by providing an easy-to-use management environment from a single console. Xian Io’s expanded monitoring of events and performance data, new reports and integration with Operations Manager 2007 provides our customers with a unique single view of their IT infrastructure.

More info and download at:

Jalasoft and SNMPv3

Got some info from my Jalasoft-contct… sad to say, but Jalasoft Xian doesn’t support SNMPv3.

It is being researched but due to the big differences with v2 we didn’t implement it yet. However it is very likely that in our next version we are going to support this.

Well, since you only need read-only SNMP rights it’s not that big problem, but v3 is way more secure than v2.

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Jalasoft XianIO SMP Brochures

Xian Network Manager Io – Beta

Fick ett mail igår…

Dear beta tester,
We wanted to thank you for subscribing to our Xian Io mail alert and for expressing your interest in being part of our beta test program. We are delighted to announce that our Xian Io beta for Ops Mgr. 07 is public as of today!

Den här ska bli intressant att testa.

Bernado har oxo skrivit lite på sin blogg

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