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Bulk import of SNMP devices to OpsMgr

If you want to import a larger bunch of SNMP-devices in to OpsMgr you will probably go thru the disovery wizard way to many times. Instead of walking thru that wizard every time I asked the network team to write … Continue reading

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PSOL: Get-SNMPDevices

Quick and easy way to get a list of all OpsMgr monitored SNMP devices

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Jalasoft and SNMPv3

Got some info from my Jalasoft-contct… sad to say, but Jalasoft Xian doesn’t support SNMPv3. It is being researched but due to the big differences with v2 we didn’t implement it yet. However it is very likely that in our … Continue reading

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Den person som har testat importera MIBar i Windows mha smi2smir vet att det inte är helt enkelt. Ska man övervaka SNMP-trappande saker (relativt enkelt) med MOM så är det första steget. Men med tanke på att det är ett … Continue reading

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