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VBScript -> PowerShell

Scripting Guys har varit framme igen… den här gången har dom skrivit en guide om hur man konverterar “gamla” VBScript till PowerShell…

This guide is intended to help you “translate” VBScript scripts to Windows PowerShell scripts. However, this is not designed to be a word-for-word translation guide; for better or worse, things don’t quite work that way. Instead, consider this a reference as you begin writing Windows PowerShell scripts. After all, sooner or later you’re bound to run into a situation where you find yourself thinking, “OK, I need to use a Select Case statement here. I know how to do that in VBScript, but how do I do that in Windows PowerShell?” That’s where this guide can come in handy; it takes all the VBScript functions, statements, and operators and shows you, as much as possible, a Windows PowerShell equivalent.

Mer info: Technet Scriptcenter