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Change settings on all shares

We are enabling BranchCache on a few servers… and with that you probably want to change the settings on the shares you have. Why not use some Powershell when you have the chance. 🙂 Change /Cache:BranchCache to wahtever you want … Continue reading

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Check WMI on SCCM-server

If you have problems with WMI on a SCCM server you have will have loads of strange things happening. Wrote a small VBScript to check WMI… here it is: Or download here: wmiTester.vbs

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SCOM WMI Ping instead of script

In a post yesterday there was a script to ping some node, the script uses WMI to ping. Did some testing, and… Why did I write a script when you can use the built in WMI-support to do the same … Continue reading

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Ominstallation av WMI

En kolega hade problem med ett gäng servrar som sprutade ut WMI-felmeddelanden… han hittade ett inlägg som Ivan Brugiolo skrev i newsgroup’en microsoft.public.win32.programmer.wmi: —————8for %i in (“wbemcomn.dll”) do (echo %~$PATH:i) c:\>for %i in (“wmiutils.dll”) do (echo %~$PATH:i) check if the … Continue reading

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