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Syslog -> SCOM

Some customers is asking for Syslog-monitoring via SCOM, Jalasoft have the ability to monitor syslogs.

Now SecureVantage have a option to do this using the ACS…

The Secure Vantage Audit Collection Syslog Gateway provides centralized security event collection, analysis and reporting across platforms and applications. The Audit Collection Syslog Gateway enables customers to forward syslog event streams to a central gateway server for integration with the ACS collection stream.

Features Overview:

  • Syslog event processing
  • ACS integration
  • Syslog Management Pack
  • Generic Reports
  • Generic Report Templates
  • Base Reporting Integration
  • Optimization Guidance

More info at: http://www.securevantage.com/ProductsACSsyslogGateway.html