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(riro) Google MapMarker

File: riro-wpgmm.zip
How to: Unzip in a folder named “riro-wpgmm”. Get your Google Maps API-Key. Edit the Options. Done.
Example: www.ronnkvist.nu/paddlat/
Screenshot: In use at ronnkvist.nu
In use
“Screenshot”: WP-code that I use for that map

Ställen jag paddlat på

[wpgmm h=600 w=550 z=12 lat=60.6756 long=15.8426 t=n] [wpgmm-kml]Klicka här för att se dom i Google Earth

Screenshot: Options page

(riro) Digga

File: riro-digga.zip
How to: Use the function riro_digga_link in your themes index.php somewhere next to the post.

Dashbar 2.0.x Mod

File: http://z720.net/produits/wordpress/dashbar/en
How to: Modify the “moderate_comments”-section in DashBar.php to show Akismet-menuitem.
History: 2006-01-29: Small update for Akismet version 2.0

get_var("SELECT COUNT(comment_ID) FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved = 'spam'");
			if ($akismetSpamCount >= 1) {
			echo '
  • Akismet Spam ('.$akismetSpamCount.')
  • '; } } else { global $wpdb; $awaiting_mod = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved = '0'"); if($awaiting_mod) { echo '
  • '.sprintf(__("Awaiting Moderation (%s)",$this->domain), $awaiting_mod).'
  • '; } } } ?>

    (riro) Akismet Image

    File: riro-akismet.zip
    How to: Enable Akismet, enable this plugin and use the function riro_akismet_image to create a nice looking image.

  • (riro) del.icio.us

    File: riro-delicious.zip
    How to: Use the function riro_delicious_link in your themes index.php somewhere next to the post.


    (riro) Digg It!

    File: riro-digg.zip
    How to: Use the function riro_digg_link in your themes index.php somewhere next to the post.


    (riro) Where am I

    File: riro-whereami.zip
    How to: Get your Google Maps API-Key. Edit the PHP-definitions. Create a empty page in wordpress and put the text “wai” in between brackets somewhere.

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    6. henrik

      hej – pillar med en wp-sida och vill lägga in en widget för att visa väder-prognoser/situationer. har du några bra tips på enkla installationer?

    7. riro

      My guess is that your theme isn’t xhtml valid.

      I had that problem with one of the sites I’m running.