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SFT Explorer 1.1

A nice tool for Softgrid SFT-files in a new version.

You wanted to see what’s inside SoftGrid package (SFT) file without using SoftGrid Sequencer?
By using SFT Explorer now you can, it will show all that’s inside your SFT package. Files, folders, virtual registry, virtual services … all! And you can optionally export selected content out of the package, to examine files more closely or to migrate virtual registry settings to another package by importing exported reg-file.

With Virtualized System View™, you can even simulate how that package would look like on your local machine when run with SoftGrid SystemGuard environment up, enabling new type of troubleshooting possibilities when you can clearly see what is virtualized against your local system and in what manner.

With filtering you can quickly find certain filetypes, individual files or to see what files constitute the launch-data for package (files belonging to Feature Block 1 section of file).

By using new Fast package loading -option, even extremely large packages are snap to open with SFT Explorer (with only loss of ability to see individual blocks per files).

Download at: www.virtualapp.net/sft-explorer.html