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Update ConfigMgr packages with Hotfix-information

When you install a hotfix and/or a cumulative update in ConfigMgr you can select the option to let the installer create some packages.

But, those packages are missing some info… For instance Manufacturer and Version.

A quick and dirty SQL update will do the trick.

	Version = LEFT(Replace(Source, '\\server.domain.com\SMS_ABC\hotfix\', ''), 9),
	Manufacturer = 'Microsoft',
	Language = 'All'
WHERE Source LIKE '\\server.domain.com\SMS_ABC\Hotfix%'

This is of course not supported… but afaik it works. 😀

If you want to see what would be updated, run this first

	Version AS OrgVersion,
	LEFT(Replace(Source, '\\server.domain.com\SMS_ABC\hotfix\', ''), 9) AS NewVersion,
	Manufacturer AS OrgManufacturer,
	'Microsoft' AS NewManufacturer,
	Language AS OrgLanguage,
	'All' AS NewLanguage
FROM SMSPackages_G
WHERE Source LIKE '\\server.domain.com\SMS_ABC\hotfix\%'

(And yes, you need to replace servername and sitecode)