Change Source-paths in ConfigMgr

I’m in the process of moving tons of packages to a new source.

So… I did a few new functions to my Powershell Module 🙂

Update-SCCMDriverPkgSourcePath -sccmserver (Connect-SCCMServer) -currentPath "\\OLDSERVER\Source\DriverPackages" -newPath "\\NEWSERVER\Source\DriverPackages"
Update-SCCMPackageSourcePath -sccmserver (Connect-SCCMServer) -currentPath "\\OLDSERVER\Source\Packages" -newPath "\\NEWSERVER\Source\Packages"
Update-SCCMDriverSourcePath -sccmserver (Connect-SCCMServer) -currentPath "\\OLDSERVER\Source\DriverImport" -newPath "\\NEWSERVER\Source\DriverImport"

Oh… and I found some additional updates posted in German by Stefan Ringler … I don’t understand that many words of German, but I can read Powershell. 😛

Anyway, I included the updates in the module… thanks Stefan for sharing.

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